Sideman Sez

The seed for the project was planted almost 15 years ago. As a “sideman” and bandmate for some amazingly talented songwriters over the last 25 years, in bands that played original music almost exclusively, I struggled with the fact that some of my favorite songs had never even been recorded. Time passed and I moved from being a performer to being a producer and working with great songwriters in my recording studio “Noise in the Attic”. I would often come home from a session singing a track I was working on only to have my wife say, “you should really make your own CD”. I said, “someday I will” and half jokingly said “I’ll call it Sideman Sez”. The project lingered in the

“someday” bin but I kept wondering what would happen if I took my skills as a producer and married them with performing and reinterpreting some of my very favorite songs by the best songwriters I know? This is the result of those efforts and my tribute to them.